Bulging discs is a common medical condition or spinal injury that is also known as slipped disc. This spinal disorder is caused when the discs in the vertebrae that are made of thick outer layer of cartilage and a soft-jell like matter on the inside, sustain an injury. Bulging disc can appear in any part of the spine, but, in most cases, bulging discs are found in the neck or the cervical spine as well as the lower back that is also known as the lumbar section of the spine.

Bulging disc pain is usually a common problem with patients suffering from this injury, this pain is usually caused when a disc that is bulging outwards starts to put pressure on the nerve exiting the spine. A bulging disc or a slipped disc takes place when the internal soft-jelly like material of the disc bursts or bulges outwards to the outer lining of the cartilage which in turn starts damages as well as compresses the spinal nerves or the cord.

Bulging Disc Causes

About Bulging DiscsMost of the time age is a common cause of bulging disc. As we grow older our spine becomes less flexible which in turn makes our spine more susceptible to injuries. Most of the time bulging disc causes usually includes a fall, smoking, a motor vehicle accident, lifting heavy objects improperly, repeated stress and strain on the back and excessive weight of the body.

Getting Help for Bulging Disc

Bulging disc or herniated disc can cause big problems if it is left untreated, this is why it is extremely necessary to get help from a bulging disc doctor who will guide you and give you a treatment option that will lead you towards the road of recovery.

Usually bulging disc treatment programs are conservative and most bulging disc doctors prefer to go for non-surgical treatment options instead of surgery.

The most popular treatment option for bulging discs include back braces, physical therapy and exercise programs, chiropractic, acupuncture, cold and hot compression treatment, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which is using an electrical current to stimulate the nerves), medications like NSAIDs, massage therapy as well as ultrasound.