Bulging disc can cause a patient a lot of discomfort not to mention a lot pain. Bulging disc doctor usually recommend physical therapy when the bulging disc pain and discomfort that the patient is suffering from does not improve after four to six weeks. Bulging disc physical therapy is important for those patients who have been suffering from chronic low back pain for a steady period of time. It is extremely important that this non-surgical treatment be programmed and guided by a trained physical therapist or a specialist of spinal disorders.

Physical therapy works with two main goals that include training as well as teaching patient correct movements as well as educating him/her in ways to keep the spine in neural positions during all his activities.

Strengthening Exercises include:

Low Impact Aerobic Exercises

These exercises include programs like bicycling, swimming as well as walking. These exercises help in strengthening the back and abdomen muscles without putting any extra pressure on the spinal column and the back.

Spine Strength and Stabilization Technique

Physical TherapyThese exercises include lower back or lumbar extension strength training that is known to be very effective in not only strengthening the abdomen but also improve lower back mobility and flexibility. These strengthening and stabilizing techniques build the strength and endurance as well flexibily of the hamstring muscles and tendons present in the back of the thigh.

Electrical Stimulation

Apart from physical therapy TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is another treatment option to help patient suffering from bulging disc problem get temporary relief from pain. In this treatment option a small device with electric current is placed at nerve points that are problematic. This treatment is not painful and is most effective for diabetic neuropathy. However, this therapy only works temporarily and is not really effective for chronic back pain.