Bulging disc is a spinal injury that not makes the patient extremely uncomfortable but also destroys all semblance of a normal life for him as the only think he can concentrate on is his pain. This is why it is extremely necessary that you consult a doctor as soon as you see the symptoms of bulging discs.

What to Look for in a Bulging Disc Doctor

However, the first question that comes to your mind is what kind of doctor treats neck as well as spinal conditions like bulging discs. Finding a bulging disc doctor or a specialist who treats spinal injuries is not very difficult because these days a lot of options are available. However, you need to make your choice carefully and depending on the factors of your condition like the severity of the bulging disc, the time period for which the condition has plagued you as well as your own comfort level for the treatment options that the bulging disc doctor is providing you.

Signs That You Should Call a Doctor

Bulging disc usually does not have glaringly obvious symptoms when the case is mild. However when the bulging disc starts to put pressure on the nerves that are exiting the spine, patient starts to experience pain in the neck as well as back. The patient also suffers from numbness and pins and needles sensation in his buttocks, thighs legs as well as fingers.

This is when you should consider seeing a doctor that specializes in spinal injuries. You should first see your GP, who will evaluate your symptoms, perform a physical examination as well as order diagnostic tests; he will then determine whether you need to see a specialist. He will also refer you to one in case you need a reference.

Type of Doctors TreaBulging Disc Doctorsting Bulging Discs and other Spinal Injuries

Based on your condition your doctor will refer you to one of the following doctors:

Orthopedic Doctor: Specifically deals in bone and muscle disorders.

Neurologist: Deals in disorders related to nervous system. Usually consulted in cases of severe chronic neck and back pain.

Rheumatologist: Deals in non-infectious inflammatory disorders and medical conditions of the soft tissues and joints.

Neurosurgeons: Specializes in disorders of central nervous system that includes the spinal column, spinal cord and the brain.