Spinal arthritis is a condition that is not just painful but can leave that patient quite incapable of doing even the most normal and mundane of tasks that are a part of his normal daily life. One way of dealing with arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis is to go for Exercise & Weight Loss strategies that are known to ease arthritis spine pain.

This strategy is actually quite successful as a person who is suffering from arthritis and also carrying extra weight in the middle will definitely feel the burden on his knees as well as hips. This kind of extra weight not only put arthritis patients in pain but can also out healthy people at risk of getting osteoarthritis. Being overweight not only increases arthritis pain but also makes it extremely hard for patients to remain active as well as independent

Exercise & Weight Loss

As there are no medications as well as treatment for curing or stopping arthritis, weight loss and exercise become extremely important to maintain a healthy normal life. According to doctors over-weight people usually tend to accelerate the process of degeneration in arthritis specifically in areas like hips and knees that are the most weight bearing that is why weight-loss can work as a great strategy for them to get not just relief from pain but also delay the progression of the condition.


Exercises for arthritis include:

  • Range-of-Motion Exercises
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Aerobic Exercises

Range-of-Motion Exercises – These are also known as stretching and flexibility exercises that help in increasing joint mobility and flexibility as well as maintaining normal joint function.

Strengthening Exercises – Strengthening exercises help in maintaining and increasing muscle tissue so that they support your muscles without further aggravating the joints.

Range of Motion Exercises –   Exercises like swimming, brisk walking as well as cycling are supposed to be really good for people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. These exercises help patients move better and easily making normal day to day activities easier, they help in reducing joint pain as well as boost the bone density.