Most of the time people who are suffering from spinal arthritis may never needsurgical arthritis treatment and can go on living a fairly normal life with the help ofnon-surgical treatment options. However, in certain cases where the patient is suffering from extremely damaged joints and severe arthritis pain which shows no sign of improving even with the help of conservative treatment options, then most probably an orthopedic surgeon will advise you to have an operation like cervical spinal fusion.

About Cervical Spinal Fusion Surgery – How it is Performed

Cervical spinal fusion is a surgical treatment which is not only performed for patients who are suffering from arthritis pain but it is also a follow up procedure for those patients who are suffering from spinal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal deformities, tumors, infection as well as herniated disc.

Cervical Spinal Fusion

n a cervical spinal fusion selected bones in the cervical or neck region of the spinal column are joined so that they can be made more stable. This surgery is often performed using different approaches. For example the incision that is made for the surgery can be done either from the anterior or the posterior part of the neck.

Moreover, the bone that is used to make a bridge between vertebrae can be taken from the patient’s body or else it can also be taken from a bone graft. This bone graft plays the key role in stimulating the growth of new bone. Sometimes use of man-made or artificial fusion material may also be used.


Most of the time this surgical procedure does not require a long hospital stay and patient may only be required to stay overnight for observation after the surgery. Doctors may advice a patient to wear a neck brace or a cervical collar during the recovery period.