What is failed back surgery Syndrome?

FBSS or failed spine surgery syndrome is commonly a general term that is used when a patient who has been suffering from a back disorder undergoes surgery and even after that does not get successful result therefore suffering from continued pain after surgery.

Failed spine surgery syndrome is not a syndrome as such but a condition. The reasons of FBSS can be varied and even the most renowned and expert back surgeons give a 95% success prediction of a back surgery.

Failed Spine Surgery

Failed Spine Surgery Treatments

Before taking up a treatment option for failed spine surgery, the first thing that needs to be done is to consult a specialist and then get to the root of the problem, which means the true and main reason behind the spinal or back pain surgery needs to be re-evaluated. Once the real cause is fond only then the treatment options should be considered.

There are usually to types of broad treatment categories for failed spine surgery and they include surgical options and non-surgical options

Non – Surgical Failed Spine Surgery Treatment

Usually a specialist dealing in back pain disorders will carefully take into consideration important factors before he decides on the optimal non-surgical treatment of failed spine surgery syndrome. These important factors will usually include points like the kind of surgery was performed and for what type of condition, the level or category of pain the patient was suffering before the back pain surgery as well the level of pain after the surgery and lastly the nature of pain that the patient suffers as a result of failed surgical procedure.

Surgical Failed Spine Surgery Treatment

A surgical treatment for continued pain even after a surgical procedure is a big step and a back surgeon will first check out every other non-invasive treatment option before finally deciding on a surgical treatment for FBSS. Usually back surgery treatment for failed spine surgery condition usually includes fusion or decompression and the final decision between the two depend on the reason for the failed surgery syndrome.