Spinal arthritis is a spinal condition that can be caused to particular individual for the simple reason that they are disposed to it. However, just like any other medical disorder or condition that ravages the body; spinal arthritis has also a lot of risk factors (Spinal Arthritis Risk Factors) working in combination for this condition to take over a human body.  Some of the most common causes that are known to cause a person arthritis spine pain include trauma or accident injuring the spine, back or spinal surgery, sport injury and work related activities causing the patient to keep a poor posture.

Spinal Arthritis Risk Factors

It is true that any disease or medical condition does not come with a warning, however spinal arthritis can happen to people who have certain risk factors working against them. For example, sports personalities like athletes as well as people with jobs that require a lot physical heavy activities that are repetitive have been found to be at greater risk. Other major known risk factors for spinal arthritis include:

  • Family Medical History
  • Personal Medical History (Lifestyle)
  • Variable Factors

Family Medical History – There are certain types of arthritis that are found to run in families and are termed hereditary.  This is why people who have parents or siblings with this particular disorder are more likely to develop the condition themselves.  Moreover, their genes make them even more susceptible to those risk factors known to trigger arthritis.

Spinal Arthritis Risk FactorsPersonal Medical History – This factor includes the general lifestyle an individual is keeping.  For example, people how smoke cigarettes, indulge in joint usage as well have high intake of alcohol may develop arthritis. Moreover, if a person has other diseases like diabetes, infections or other type of associated circulating arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis or gout, he may develop spinal arthritis as well.

Variable Factors – Variable factors include points like age, gender as well as weight of a patient. Research shows that arthritis is found to be very common in women who have surpassed there menopausal stage. Moreover, arthritis is known as the disease of advancing age as it starts with the steady aging of the spinal structures that starts from the mid30s.  Moreover, people who are over-weight and have excess weight, causing stress on the weight bearing joints are under risk of developing arthritis.