Back and spinal pain can be one of the most aggravating conditions to deal with in one’s life. There are a multitude of spinal conditions that individuals might suffer from, however, there are a few common conditions that tend to afflict many people. These are:

With these conditions, it is important for individuals to seek treatment in order to alleviate the pain that they suffer from in their lives. While the most common treatment options are non-surgical, it is important to know that there are surgical procedures available. There are risks associated with both treatment avenues. With the non-surgical route, it is possible that the pain that individuals suffer from is prolonged if surgery was the better option to begin with. However, if an individual does elect to have surgery, they run the risk of failed back surgery if the surgery did not properly target the underlying cause of pain.

Regardless of what you need to resolve your pain, it is important to be aware of the conditions and spinal pain treatments that are available. If you need any help in resolving your pain, please feel free to call us at {888} 779-8716 or email us.